Zeltiq Coolsculpting – The Fat Freezing Procedure

It’s known as Coolsculpting, and it’s the only FDA-approved non-surgical treatment that utilizes controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fats that resist diet or lifestyle changes. Therefore, the results have been proven, plus they are noticeable and lasting. In the end, those who consider this form of treatment look great from every angle.

Freeze Away Stubborn Fat

It is believed that cold can selectively affect fat in the body. Consequently, it’s upon this idea that innovative scientists decided to study the phenomena at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston (this is also a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School).

Rox Anderson with his team (both from Harvard University) observed with interest that some kids got dimples when they ate popsicles. Furthermore, the idea that cold could selectively eliminate fat without damaging the skin or surrounding tissues was an inspiration of Cryolipolysis – the tried and tested science upon which Coolsculpting procedure works.

They discovered that Coolsculpting technology could safely deliver precise controlled cooling in such a way that it gently and effectively targeted the underlying fat cells. What happens is that the fat cells are crystallized during the process, so they die. Over time, the body starts to naturally process its own fat and eliminate the dead cells, leaving a more sculpted form of YOU.

Say No to Surgery

With this FDA-approved technology, there’s no need to consider surgery as an option to eliminate stubborn fat that doesn’t react to diet changes or exercise. This technology effectively contours your body by freezing unwanted fats without any surgery or downtime.

Sit Back, Relax, and Say Goodbye To Stubborn Fat!

You and your doctor will select the key areas you want treated. After this, the device will be positioned appropriately on your body to apply controlled cooling.

This technology effectively reduces fats in multiple parts of the body. Additional sessions will even enhance the results further. Now it’s important that your physician comes up with a personalized plan that’s relevant to your unique needs.

The main advantage of this procedure is that it’s non-surgical, meaning after you go through a session, you can resume your daily activities immediately. Furthermore, the fact that the body tends to naturally process and eliminate the frozen cells mean that you’ll look good and good forever. The fat cells don’t re-occur either.

Things To Be Aware Of

This procedure will only target fat cells alone. It kills and eliminates them in weeks. The results are long term as the fat cells are eliminated for good. Again, keep in mind that untreated areas of your body will show no changes in fat distribution, so you get a very even body shape.

Fat Loss and Weight Loss

It common for people to mistakenly refer to fat loss as weight loss and vice versa. The two are not the same; When you lose weight, your fat cells become smaller, though the number of fat cells remain the same. When you pick up weight, those fat cells grow larger again.

Now the effectiveness of Zeltiq Coolsculpting Fat Freezing Procedure is that it reduces the number of fat cells present in an area. Obviously fat cells that are not present cannot grow bigger. Because of this, the health and fitness industry has concluded that this procedure is the only effective treatment compared to most surgical or non-surgical methods.

Are There Any Zeltiq Coolsculpting Side Effects?

Any effective method must have minor side effects though. If you are darker, hyper-pigmentation may occur in the treated areas. However, this should not cause alarm as it eventually clears away with time. To speed it up, you can always use anti-pigmentation treatment.

After treatment, you may feel numbness in the treated areas. However, this will not last long enough to disrupt your daily activities. This makes us conclude that it’s the safest treatment method available out there.

Zeltiq Coolsculpting Cost

The typical cost for this treatment will range anywhere between $1000 to $4000. It depends on where you live and the physician treating you. The initial cost may seem too high, but it’s a worthwhile investment if you really want to get rid of fat quickly and effortlessly.

Just like we said, some people will change their diets multiple times, work out as hard as they can, yet they won’t see results. These people are excellent candidates for Zeltiq Coolsculpting Fat Freezing Procedure. Finally, if you want a shortcut to enhancing the shape of your body without working really hard, then you are also a good candidate for this. Go for it!

Fat Freezing Procedure

Zeltiq Coolsculpting, the fat freezing procedure, is a process of lowering the temperature of an area of skin and the underlying layers of subcutaneous fat until the fat undergoes apoptosis, reducing the fat layer significantly.  The process is also called “cryolipolysis,” “cryolipo”, or “Cool sculpting.”

The phenomenon of fat freezing isn’t new to the medical world.  Panniculitis is a condition where the fat layer beneath the surface of your skin disolves after being exposed to cold.  This is most often observed in the cheeks of children who frequently suck on popsicles, or chew ice.  They effectively freeze fat cells in their cheeks.  It was this observation that lead to the investigation of the use of freezing fat cells for the purpose of spot reduction in fat layers in other parts of the body.

This fat freeze procedure is best for those who need only minimal spot reduction, and it provides a great non-invasive liposuction alternative.  Even the thinnest of people have a hard time getting rid of certain pockets of fat, such as those stubborn love handles.  This is the perfect situation where cool sculpting is useful because, as most people know, targeted fat reduction is not possible through diet, or exercise.  Those methods will reduce fat percentage overall, but you can’t use them to remove fat from specific areas of your body like you can when freezing fat off your body.

The zeltiq procedure has been deemed safe by the FDA, and studies have shown it to be quite safe, especially when compared to surgical techniques for fat removal, like lipo.  One study specifically shows that no long-term nerve damage was displayed within this experiment’s sampling of patients, though some desensitization and other side-effects may be present for up to several weeks.  A 6 month follow-up examination shows that no long-term negative effects were present, and that noticeable fat reduction had been achieved in the areas where the fat freezing procedure was used.

Another thing to keep in mind, should you go for this freezing fat procedure, is that results do not show up overnight.  It generally takes several treatments using the Zeltiq device to make a noticeable difference, and it will take 8 weeks of more for your body to break down the fatty tissue that has been affected by the procedure.  The CoolSculpting procedure effectively destroys those annoying pockets of fat, and your body needs time to turn them into waste.

If you are interested in this fat freezing procedure, you can find more information on their website, and of course, you should consult not only your physician, but a cryolipolysis expert before going forward with this procedure.

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